As a long time seeker, Jamia knew there was more to this human condition that we are born into.  After many years of travel, training and searching, she realized that the answers are within each of us.  We just have to get past the current programming that is stopping us from achieving. 
Her motto is "Ask, listen, take action and prepare for miracles". 
"The body wants to be in balance and the Spirit wants to create. Spirit, body and mind work together in unison to communicate this to us. We have to be open to listen.  We are here to create our life and are unlimited. I guide to do just that through environment, paradigm changes, and self awareness.  We live a habitual way of life that we were programmed with. We can change that programming for the life we desire and truly want. 
I have combined my passions for design, health and awareness for a true holistic approach to help others in creating a world of their dreams."
"In absence of clearly defined goals, we become strangely loyal to performing daily trivia, until we ultimately become enslaved by it."
                                       -Robert Heinlein

What do you want & what are you waiting for?

© 2018. Jamia Burcham, CNHP 

Certified Energy Facilitator, Minister & Certified Health Consultant 

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