The Healy 

Although the Healy is small, light and inexpensive, it has a lot to offer!  It can give you quick bioenergetic support to help balance your mind and body, improve your quality of life, and it can also give you an analysis of your energetic state and help you find ways to improve it.
The Healy is an ingenious invention that will provide support for your holistic health, body,  well-being, family, yet easy to use.
The Healy programs are in the form of different editions, so you can choose the best one for you.
A Healy Edition consists of Healy itself and a group of programs for a specific application area. You can add other program groups to your Healy at any time if you need more functionality later!

Healy Resonance

The Healy Resonance edition contains Healy Holistic Health Plus, i.e. more than 120 Healy frequency programs, plus the HealAdvisor Analyse app with the Resonance and Aura modules.
The analysis feature of the Healy Resonance module, practitioners can be supported with help of the Resonance analysis for their clients. This suggests suitable dietary supplements, foods etc. if necessary.
Home users can also perform analyses on themselves and their families, however, we recommend working with a trained practitioner for the analysis. Another useful tool in this edition is the Healy Aura module. This analyzes the energy distribution of chakras in the Information Field.  After an analysis of the emotional background, you can point out suitable ways of optimization.
The resulting patterns can be applied to different programs through Healy in order to balance imbalances.
Many practitioners also use this in addition to the administration of remedies.

Video Explanation of Healy:

Contact me for more information or to purchase. You are going to LOVE your Healy! I do. 

"My closest friend Andrea Mason....she told me about this device. She purchased the therapist version and offered a treatment as I have had crippling anxiety for so many years. It brought on sleeplessness and depression.

After the first session the anxiety had gone. My own Healey arrived last week and I've been running the gold and beauty programs.

I've been sleeping for eight hours which is unheard of for me. Anxiety has gone. I'm beyond happy with results. To be free of the constant dread is wonderful. I am so grateful to Andrea because she introduced this to me and also gave me treatments.

I'm truly blown away by how quickly it has turned my life around. I've had many many treatments over the years which are good but not permanent. This Healey will never be out of my reach for the rest of my life."

-Lorraine Wylde

© 2018. Jamia Burcham, CNHP 

Certified Energy Facilitator, Minister & Certified Health Consultant 

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